Life Is Very Beautiful!

Life Is Very Beautiful!

Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year. New Hope. New Life.

Today is 01.01.10. Finally another new year has come, the last one of the first decade of this century. So much has happened in 2009, more than I've ever recalled in my over 19 years of life: happy moments, unexpected and continuous unfortunate events, slapping truths, heart-breaking realization... For all those to occur in just a year seems too much. I was resentful at first, but gradually becoming more accepting and, indeed, grateful. I have changed a great deal. I'm not any more perfect than the old me, but one thing for sure: I've grown. My immature, limited ways of thinking has been replaced by that wiser insight of a more thoughtful mind. I learned how to care more about the ones I love from even trivial matters, I think further away in case the worst circumstances appear, I live unselfishly but never forget about myself. I speak the truth and not afraid of them...

Another year. Probably another me. Who knows? We never know! Only Him who decides it all knows. That's what makes life interesting. May 2010 be way better a
nd happier than 2009 and may love be spread wider all over the world and deeper inside every heart.

Happy New Year everyone!

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