Life Is Very Beautiful!

Life Is Very Beautiful!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Criminology and Immigration

Ooh~ that sounds like an article taken from a university research or whatever. Hopefully not. The fact is that I just talked to my truly good friend Benjamin. It's been so long!! Miss him so much! We talked a lot mostly 'bout immigrating to Canada and his major. Crime investigation is exciting isn't it? It sounds almost like being a detective, so cool! I'm glad that I could talk to him, it's always nice talking to him anyway.

Now when I think about it, to be able to have somebody of whom you can find comfort in conversations is such God's love. I know so many people due to my life of traveling around but only one tenth out of that great number is considered as my friends, and only another one third out of that one tenth can bring me that cosy feeling of being shared and listened. And I treasure that.

When I roamed around and almost killed my own eyes with those tonnes of words about regulations and requirements and whatsoever, it wasn't until I completed the eligible questionnaire that I realized I have been, indeed, unconsciously serious about immigrating to this country which I love so much as if it's my real hometown. It may be a bit early, but it's always good to plan things ahead isn't it?

Once there's a will, there's a way. Now I can finally have a pretty determining goal to motivate myself to achieve other accomplishments, I don't feel so aimless anymore.

No one knows about the future, right?

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Birthday and Madeleine

I stayed up a bit late yesterday to create this for a friend's birthday. How funny it is, my ex-crush turned out to be one of my few very very good friends in that isolated world. But I'm glad, he's a really good man despite the fact that we "hate" each other so much to the point that we consider ourselves each other's long-life enemy. Gonna be very sad once you graduate sooner than expected next year Brazilian! It's damn boring on that Alps. Nah~

Rain. Diarrhea. Couldn't hang out with Bambie. Feeling a bit guilty. Sleeping too much again. Shoot!

The Madeleines from Brodard are excellent, as always...

No "hình minh hoạ" today since I already have this colourful e-card thingy~

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Monday, 14 December 2009

The Mess

I am frustrated.

Nothing goes well today. I was determined to get up early and do lots of things but ended up rolling back and forth the whole width of my bed 'til noon. This is the 2nd time already. I hate me!

I've spent approximately 3 hours yesterday to create a new blog for our class, feeling excited! It wasn't just 3 hours since creating a blog on blogger is slightly more complex than that. Sending an invitation to create a Gmail account to our class's email (which turned out to be unnecessary later on), using my own German mobile number and set its location to be in Germany as well in order to receive the code since Vietnam still doesn't support that service, designing the blog basic layout, creating a note on FB and tag everyone there to inform them about it... I even dreamed this morning that when I woke up and turned on my laptop, that blog would be full of comments and new posts, but no, not at all!

How disappointing when people didn't even give it a try and already conclude that it'd just be another failure, a waste of time. I was so mad but still tried to calm myself and persuade them. And guess what? Facebook doesn't let me do ANYTHING today! No comments, no reply, no editing, not even accepting friends!!!

*sigh* People... What a day!

The Beginning

Monday, 14th Dec, 2009

My first post. It's been a while. Veteran blogger eh?

Feeling awful for wasting my precious time at home today. Gotta move my fat *ss tomorrow, that's for sure! Only 1 month left at home... *sigh*

I don't wanna go back to Switzerland... Is this my 102nd time mentioning this? Or 103rd?

Anyway, gotta thanks Onion for persuading me creating this lil' babe. Now I can spill (or puke) my heart out, juz like before.

That's it for today! Have spent 3 hours creating our class blog! Turning in now! Good night people!