Life Is Very Beautiful!

Life Is Very Beautiful!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Le Voyage

Three years in a lifetime is like three seconds within a year.
Life is way longer than that.
I'm utterly grateful to be born a world traveler, an exciting life that many people are craving for.
Truly fascinating indeed, and also remain within, this constant depth of loneliness...

I am lonely.

This is the life that I chose. This is the decision that was made,
the path that was chosen to be taken.
I believe, you believe, we all believe that enduring these pains and sorrows will definitely lead us to happiness.
And occasionally sad...

I keep on working, studying, exploring, trying to enjoy this life of a world traveler to the fullest,
partly just to cover this bleeding emptiness in my heart.

I wish to fall in love.

But the more I travel, more experience gained, more things observed, my insights of life are deepened.
All to make this heart closes itself more from others.

And even when I happened to fall in love,
I forbid myself for I'm wrapped with timid shyness and obsessed with a sad past of the heart.

But well, after all,
who can keep the rapid pace of such a world traveler, right?

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