Life Is Very Beautiful!

Life Is Very Beautiful!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Tu vivras à jamais dans mon coeur...

I was so lonely when I first came.
I hated the place,
I hated the work,
I hated the people,
I hate the country.
And I saw you,
White and furry,
"ferosh rather cute" with sharp bright eyes.

I don't remember how exactly since when
but I started feeding you,
therefore started our friendship,
a special bond that needs no common language to be made.

I still remember those fine summer days,
with flowers and grass and tree,
and the wind and the sun,
and you eating like there's no tomorrow next to me,
sometimes suddenly remember that you need to be adorable
in order to guarantee the next meals.

How much I miss it,
when you smoothly rubbed yourself around my feet,
leaving white furs all over my pants,
and meowed all the time ever since whenever you see me,
asking for croquets and pâtés.

Oh how can one forget,
the adorable you,
having your lazy nap in a nice warm afternoon,
with eyes closed tight,
and your chubby white body curled up
like a big white hairy ball right at the gate.

I will never forget that day,
the last day of October,
an extremely beautiful day,
with cool air, sun rays and the marvelous colour board of Autumn
when I knew that you were no longer there,
no longer sleeping lazily at the front gate,
no longer meowing asking for food,
no longer... no longer...

No longer loneliness.
No longer homeless nights, cold and wet, hungry and sad.

You were free,
though in the most painful way, but your soul can finally relax.
I believe in His Holiness,
I believe in Heaven.
Thus, as sad as I am and as many tears as I've shed,
I'm truly glad, knowing that you're happy and free up there,
with angels and saints, and spirits and souls.

I am sorry that in the last few weeks of your life, I tend to busy myself with things that shouldn't have occupied my life that much,
I am sorry that I indeed forgot about you a bit more often, thinking that you'd be fine as there were other nice people who also loved you just as much,
thank you,
for everything,
my little white cat.

I love you.

Adieu ma petite amie,
tu vivras à jamais dans mon coeur...

Please rest in peace,
and may God bless your soul.


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