Life Is Very Beautiful!

Life Is Very Beautiful!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


In this summer heat,

the birds sing cheerfully,

the sun shines brightly,

and the people enjoy all of the above happily

here in the most-known romantic place in the world:


I sit on the bus, looking up at the sky,

treasure every beauty that I find among nature

in this outskirt, far away from the urban life.

And once return, I let the air in, keep the sun out and lock myself up until duty calls.

Every day is the same.

I always stay in one place, do the same routine every day.

Everything is the same…

I seem immobile, but I am running away.

I avoid people, avoid getting more intimated with everyone except for 2,

I’ve been running and building the wall around me along the way.

That’s why my sleep is so deep these days.

For sleeping is the only ticket that allow me to travel out of this world for a short moment.

Oh le monde des rĂªves, tu es parfait!

Nothing could wake me up once I’m there.


I'm awake when my little phone vibrate silently in the depth of night

since I know that someone just sent me a message,

someone tried to reach me

and I'm still connected to this world.

I embrace those connections

for I yearn for a path that lead me out of this constant loneliness.

Outside, in the sky, summer is slowly lazing away...

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