Life Is Very Beautiful!

Life Is Very Beautiful!

Monday, 14 December 2009

The Mess

I am frustrated.

Nothing goes well today. I was determined to get up early and do lots of things but ended up rolling back and forth the whole width of my bed 'til noon. This is the 2nd time already. I hate me!

I've spent approximately 3 hours yesterday to create a new blog for our class, feeling excited! It wasn't just 3 hours since creating a blog on blogger is slightly more complex than that. Sending an invitation to create a Gmail account to our class's email (which turned out to be unnecessary later on), using my own German mobile number and set its location to be in Germany as well in order to receive the code since Vietnam still doesn't support that service, designing the blog basic layout, creating a note on FB and tag everyone there to inform them about it... I even dreamed this morning that when I woke up and turned on my laptop, that blog would be full of comments and new posts, but no, not at all!

How disappointing when people didn't even give it a try and already conclude that it'd just be another failure, a waste of time. I was so mad but still tried to calm myself and persuade them. And guess what? Facebook doesn't let me do ANYTHING today! No comments, no reply, no editing, not even accepting friends!!!

*sigh* People... What a day!


  1. Yeah, now you have the first comment here from me. I give it more than one try everyday. It is not failure, time will prove everything!

  2. Well I wasn't talking about my own blog but thanks so much anyway Sai! Du bist so süß!!