Life Is Very Beautiful!

Life Is Very Beautiful!

Saturday, 17 December 2011


O my delicate dreams, my fragile dreams,
Softly and tenderly, you hold me within,
As I am searching and running inside that realm of fantasy.

With my arms wide open, I am reaching out to that person,
Someone whose existence is yet to be known.

I am calling out his name, looking for him,
Even though he is standing there, right before my very eyes,
I still cannot touch him, for he is so transparent.

I do not know him, nor his face;
The only thing I remember is his strong and determined figure,
in which I find my trust and protection.

One day, I will find him,
Not within the world of everlasting dreams,
But in real life, where hands will be held and hugs will be given,
And that day will be the most beautiful day of my life.

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